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BitMorph was an interactive installation that inserted itself into the very fabric of the Ontario Science Centre and encouraged visitors to explore different environments.


The installation encompassed 6 terminals where users we’re able to scan cards and build 8bit characters; the more terminals they scanned, the better their characters developed. Users were then able to access a web portal and using their scan cards, gained access to their characters as well as the characters created by other users (sharable to social media platforms). 


I worked as an Experience Designer and was the sole Sound Designer & Music Composer. In lieu of the vintage/8bit theme, all audio was created through analogue means, utilizing tape devices, analogue consoles and a vintage hammond organ. 8bit SFX we’re created using custom-made Max MSP instruments. 80 unique mixes we're created in order to cover all possible interaction outcomes.


The installation was tremendously successful with 110,000 scans, 27,000 characters created and ran as a special exhibition throughout the month of July 2016.

Sample Bitmorph Audio Clip (Original Sound Design & Music by Aaron Labbé)

Bitmorph | Mix Option #67 - Aaron Labbé
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