I'm an award-winning artist, engineer and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada, specializing in the convergence of science and creativity. I am passionate about creating disruptive experiences and solutions through various mediums, including sound, music, interactive media and computational design, with patents in audio engineering, machine learning and psychoacoustics.


My works have been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, Wallifornia MusicTech Festival, Sonar+D Festival, the Ontario Science Centre, the Phi CentreNuit Blanche TO, and various other spaces across North America and Europe.

In 2016, I started the LUCID project, which has since grown into a tech startup working at the intersection of music, machine learning and mental health, where I serve as the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. 

LUCID: www.thelucidproject.ca

LinkedIn/CV: www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-labbé-99573b158/ 

Various portfolio works were created with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Countil