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LUCID is an interactive installation that guides users through a personalized and therapeutic universe of sound and light. Approximately 7.5 million Canadians are currently having difficulties managing their mental wellness and by the age of 40, 50% of Canadians will have or will have had a severe mental health challenge. Created in response to this growing issue, LUCID aims to provide people with an experience that enables them to clear their minds, explore their psyche, and reach blissful states of serenity.

Equipped with a wireless EEG reader and a pair of sound-isolating earphones, each user individually enters the mesmerizing structure. Through the use of the brain-computer interface, the autonomous system creates an immersive “dream-like" audiovisual environment in real time, customized to the user’s mental state.

The visual component consists of a refracted lighting mix that employs the principles of chromotherapy through variable cycles and patterns. This colour mix is powered solely by the user's EEG reading, creating a lush and beautiful visualization of their brainwaves viewable within the full gallery environment. The auditory component is framed within a three-dimensional sonic space that consists of layers of music and sound design while personalized psychoacoustic tones are then used to actively shift the user’s brainwaves in real-time. Additionally, the auditory content is recorded and made available to the user to take home for further explorations and self-care, allowing the piece to live on indefinitely.

LUCID not only pushes the boundaries of artistic exploration but also presents significant innovation within science and technology, using art as a catalyst for positive change. The piece does so by presenting an entirely non-invasive and holistic alternative to how we treat mental health. This piece has grown into becoming a technology start-up that continues to work at the intersection of music, mental health and machine learning.

Audience Testimony

User 558  | Night/Shift Art Festival


"Once you enter the soundscape, you don't want to leave. The system set up feels almost magical, like you've been taken to another world. I loved the experience, and I can see people using systems like this on a regular basis."

User 1216  | Immerse(d) @ Phi Centre, Montreal


"I have tried meditation before but nothing has delivered such fast result. A truly personalized experience"

User 1802 | Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto 


"I have never felt such serenity during an existential moment in my life. A truly immersive experience."

Example User Mix


(Binaural Audio)

LUCID Build v1.2 - User 192 - Aaron Labbé
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