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LUCID  is an interactive installation that guides users through a personalized and therapeutic universe of sound and light. Through the use of a brain-computer interface, the autonomous system creates a an immersive "dream-like" sensory experience in real-time. Conceptualized in response to the growing mental health concerns of our communities, the piece aims to provide an experience that enables it’s audience to clear their minds and explore their psyche.

Equipped with an EEG reader and a pair of sound-isolating earphones, each user enters the mesmerizing environment, lays down and moments later the 4-minute experience begins. The experiential media is created in response the user's brainwaves and the audiovisual content is completely personalized, aiming to cater to each user’s needs in achieving a state of meditation.


The visual component is comprised of a refracted lighting mix that employs the principles of colour therapy through variable cycles and patterns. The colour mix is powered solely by the user's EEG reading, creating a lush and beautiful visualization of their brainwaves viewable to the full gallery environment. The auditory component is spatiallized in a three-dimensional sonic space that consists of variable layers of music and sound design. All variable elements change in response to the user's brainwave data, driven by an autonomous algorithmic system rendering content that has been proven to guide users into meditative states of serenity. 

As a whole, the piece provides users with the power of both co-creating their environment and the ability to biohack their neurological behaviour. To supplement this, at the end of the experience each user is provided with a number and a link to a web portal where they can access the unique sound mix their brain created. With this, users are provided a tool in order to help develop a meditation practice at home.

Audience Testimony

Catherine | User 213  | Toronto MakerFestival 


"This was a fantastic and super helpful experience! As I am diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD and Panic Anxiety Disorder; before entering I was very high anxiety. Normally in these situations I would take a seroquil, however I decided to only try out LUCID. I felt very relaxed after the experience (limbs relaxed like jelly) and did not need the seroquil!"

Catherine Rojas-Contento | User 262  | Toronto MakerFestival 


"I was completely blown away by my experience! The relaxation and lightness I felt after the session was amazing. As a chronic sufferer of anxiety this experience had such blissful effect on me. The technology behind the project is absolutely incredible too. Stellar experience and stellar makers behind it!"

Stephen | User 216  | Toronto MakerFestival 


"I have tried meditation on my own, but nothing has delivered such fast results. A truly personalized experience."

Gina | User 420  | VANTAGE Art Festival 


"4 minutes of this meditation felt like 20 minutes of massage. I felt relaxed and 'floaty' afterwards. Was great for my anxiety. I'd love to be able to do this at home."

Niki | User 062  | META2017 Exhibition 


"I have never felt so euphoric during existential streams of thought. Was such a peaceful experience."

Example User Mix


(Binaural Audio)

LUCID Build v1.2 - User 192 - Aaron Labbé
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